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Track Down Your Mojo On The Hauraki Rail Trail

For many of us cycling is a way of life.  It’s something we love to do, and want to be good at.  As with any physical activity however there’s bound to be ups and downs, sometimes with our motivation lurking or absent.

There are times when we look forward to long rides on our favourite trail, and times when excitement dwindles and alternatives beckon.  The good news is it happens to us all, and there are many ways to find your biking mojo.

Life is usually busy and when our motivation wanes there’s often good reason for it.  A house move, kids, work deadlines, or recovering from injury are all distractions which can keep us firmly out of the saddle.

With the nation in lockdown, our usual biking routines are out the window.  We are restricted as to where we can go, and how far.  Instead of focusing on our frustrations, let’s embrace the things we are grateful to still have, reduce our stress, improve our sleep and stay healthy.

Accept that it’s okay to give yourself time to feel rested, and return when you’re good and ready… when we can.  Be honest about why you ride, what you miss, or perhaps you weren’t enjoying your bike.  Make your comeback by setting a few realistic goals simply for pleasure, or that competitive achievement you’ve always put off until now.

With the lockdown and onslaught of cooler days and shorter evenings it’s easy to feel the winter slumps.  All it takes is a little re-invention, and a plan… time is on your side.  If you’re tired of doing the same rides, mix it up or book a future trip with friends and adventure together.

Whether it’s a leisurely day out, long weekend, or a multi-day tour the new challenge will be immensely satisfying.  You’ll enjoy some much needed social interaction, delicious food that’s not made at home, and reap the rewards of physical fitness.

So for those days when gardening, the couch and a good book aren’t quite enough, call a friend and make plans for a ride together when it’s permissible.  Instead of a short spin, promise yourself a long outing to your favourite spot, and who knows you might find Mo and Jo lurking on a muddy corner.


Here's a few Blogs from our Archive to get the inspiration flowing.  Afterall, there's plenty of time for reading.  Please note these were written prior to the Covid-19 lockdown.  Therefore the Hauraki Rail Trail and any activities, rides, or businesses referred to in the Blogs are currently closed.  We look forward to welcoming riders back to the Trail and its wider community very soon.

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