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E is for Easy and Electric Bikes on the Hauraki Rail Trail

Electric Bikes otherwise known as E-Bikes are rapidly growing in popularity.  Despite having previously been a rare alternative, now cyclists can reap the many benefits they offer, with the bikes readily available to hire.  

If you’re concerned about your fitness, an electric bike is an excellent solution. With a little extra power to back you up, you too can explore the trails with friends.  Now you can keep up with the rest of the family, riding your new best friend to minimise the physical challenges.

The Hauraki Rail Trail is Grade 1 Easiest, and suitable for riders of all ages and abilities.  The terrain is wide, flat and smooth for most of the way, making it suitable for children’s bikes, touring bikes, mountain bikes and of course the E-Bike.


How is an electric bike different?

An electric bike is a regular bike but it comes with a battery and motor drive system.  Electric bikes still work like ordinary bikes. They can be pedalled, gear shifted, and steered but come with the added benefit of a tiny engine when you’re flagging.

The Electric mountain bike option is designed for off-road use, and comes with extra durable frames and stronger wheels. E-Bikes with suspension make the ride comfortable, and they’re extremely easy to use.

An electric bike can be ridden with a combination of pedal power and battery power.  Physical conditions, headwinds and tricky terrain will no longer prevent you from getting out on the trail.


What are the benefits of E-Bikes?

As we get older, our strength and stamina lessens. If we have aches and pains, or have suffered injuries, it’s easy to feel disheartened.  E-Bikes make riding easy and effortless, especially for those exhausting uphill climbs.

When you ride an electric bike you don’t need to worry about tired legs. The back up power ensures you get from A to B with energy to spare, giving you the much needed reassurance you’ll arrive at your planned destination.

With the pressure off, you can relax and enjoy the scenery.  You can stop more often to take photos, visit new places, and all with your new best friend the E-Bike who’ll minimise the physical challenges.


These new E-Bike Haibikes SDURO HardNine 4.0 are available to hire through Jolly Bikes.  With 75Nm torque they offer a really good push up hill or on the flat.


Popular day rides perfect for E-Biking

The beauty of the Hauraki Rail Trail is the ability to tailor a ride to almost any length.  There are plenty of options for return rides, or one-way trips if you organise a pick-up. Here’s a few popular day rides suited to leisurely and gentle E-Bike adventuring.


Waihi - Karangahake Gorge (return)

8km (2 - 3 hours)

This popular ride starts in the historic town of Waihi, with a gentle downhill into Karangakahe Gorge, crossing bridges, and staying close to the river. The Victoria Battery and Museum attractions and 1100m spooky tunnel are a must.  As are the waterfall and Windows Walkway.  You can find more details for Section C (Paeroa to Waihi) here, and download a map of the trail here


Thames - Matatoki (return)

22km (2 - 3 hours)

This ride heads along the Thames waterfront before following the trail through lush countryside to Matatoki Cheese Factory.  The kids will love the fun farm park here, before a quick stop at the Puriri pub.  You can find more details for Section B (Thames to Paeroa) here, and download a map of the trail here.


Waikino - Karangahake Gorge (return)

20km (3 - 4 hours)

Waikino Station’s cafe and bike hire make it a good place to set off on a ride into the Karangahake Gorge.  Riders can explore the remains of the Victoria Battery, but be sure to bring a torch to guide you through the spooky tunnel.  You’ll have plenty of time for a swim and exploring the walkways which branch off from the reserve.  You can find more details for Section C (Paeroa to Waihi) here, and download a map of the trail here


There are plenty more little adventures to be had on the Trail.  You can find them in our Blog Short Easy Bike Rides.

If you need help with planning your adventure, you can find information and support for bike hire, supported tours, shuttle services, luggage transfers, accommodation, cafes and restaurants, and things to see and do here.


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