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The Benefits of Riding Together

Whilst most of us enjoy some alone time on our bike, riding with others comes with a handful of benefits.  With winter around the corner it provides much needed motivation on a cold morning, knowing your friends are waiting shivering at the start of a trail.

Perhaps you committed to the ride yesterday when you had plenty of energy to burn.  When the weather was perfect, and the twinge in your back had gone away.  But as much as you don't want to get on your bike, none of us relish the thought of letting our friends down.


Here’s our Top 5 Benefits of biking with friends in a group.


Discover New Trails

We all have our favourite tracks and cycling routes, and our friends have theirs too.  Together you can adventure on each others.  You’ll explore new sections, and appreciate things previously unnoticed thanks to the curiosity of your company.


Support each other to Achieve Goals

Biking with friends joins your own commitment and determination with a little extra support and encouragement to meet new goals.  If you’re having an off day, or struggling to stay on task, friends will provide some sound advice, and if you’re lucky suggest the pub.


Adventure Further

Biking with friends provides greater opportunity to venture further.  Places that you might not have tackled alone become achievable possibilities for your group.  We are braver and safer in numbers, and trips are simply a whole heap more fun.


Ride for a Good Cause

The opportunity to raise money for a great cause coupled with biking provides a feel good factor every time.  Not only will you hopefully raise more money by bringing along your friends and family, you can also share and enjoy the race with the people you love.


Have Fun, lots of fun…did we mention fun?

Biking with friends is ultimately fun.  Of course a little solitude can go a long way for our mental and physical health.  But biking with friends you’ll laugh together and recount stories, making your shared journeys even more memorable and fulfilling.


All you need to do next is Choose Your Ride and you’re ready for your first adventure together.  If you need a little inspiration to get the ball rolling, you’ll find some helpful ideas for Multi-Day Rides and Short Easy Bike Rides on the website.


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