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Kaiaua to Thames
Thames to Paeroa
Paeroa to Waihi
Paeroa to Te Aroha
Te Aroha to Matamata

Meet The Fabulous People Working Hard On The Trail

A whopping 50 Stoats, 28 Rats and 31 Hedgehogs have been trapped on the Trail since June 2017. Keeping the Trail pest free is essential for the survival of our native plants and animals. Every fortnight Bill and Dennis bait traps with salmon or peanut oil and a mince paste. The trap line extends from Kopu to Waitakaruru with a total of 120 traps. Since starting trapping the duo have noticed an increase in bird life. A flock of Spoonbills have taken up residence and bred. There are also more wading birds, Goldfinches, Yellowhammers,  Blue Herons, sighting of a Bittern, White Herons, and Black swans have nested on one of the lagoons.


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