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A New Adrian Worsley Sculpture For Hauraki Rail Trail

Sculptor Adrian Worsley designs and constructs unique and original sculptures entirely from recycled materials from his studio in Te Aroha.  Works feature a clever blend of materials and finishes, breathing new life into the inanimate objects around him.

Adrian’s series of Bike Rack sculptures which combine functionality with art can be found prominently displayed in Te Aroha’s main street.  Throughout the town, closer inspection reveals signs of Adrian’s artistic flair including a special fit out for the Ironique Cafe.

The latest sculpture has now been installed at the Te Aroha Railway Station.  Furnishing the town with a series of sculptures functioning as bicycle racks and a drinking fountain, forms an on-going promotion of an Arts trail through Te Aroha to Te Aroha West. 

Being a former fitter/welder with years of managing and performing fit-outs and housing renovations, served Adrian well for working with and understanding the properties of the materials in his chosen medium. 

Another iconic sculpture is the Dachshund Bike Stand, which can be viewed outside the Palace Hotel in the centre of Te Aroha.  Each sculpture is commissioned and donated by various individuals to the town of Te Aroha.  More information about Adrian and his work can be found here.


Photo Credit: Chris Parker


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