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Bubble Time For The Hauraki Rail Trail

We are in this together has become a familiar term as we all self-isolate at home in our bubbles.  Some of us under each other’s feet in large families, whilst others rattle around the house alone with or without the dog. Either scenario brings unchartered territory and a multitude of emotions to experience and consider.

We are creatures of habit mostly, and take comfort in the structure of our day and week. Whether this be work, family life or retirement, this structure has inevitably changed. It’s a time to reconsider and reflect, to bend or adopt a new routine. This is time to be still, to process what’s happening in the world, and do our part to save lives.

Moving our bodies and being in nature is a lifeline for every one of us always. It’s an essential mental and physical release, a commitment to ourselves, and a spiritual need to connect with the elements. Four walls and solitude or people in our space 24/7 is a challenge. Rules and confusion around what is or isn’t permissible is frustrating, but we are in this together.

The Government has asked all New Zealanders to stay at home to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Alert Level 4 means we must severely limit travel, with driving only permitted for essential travel such as getting food or medicine from your local area.

The key to this long road, is to work out how we’re going to look after our own wellbeing, our whānau, and our community as we get through this together. If you do go out, limit yourself to short walks or rides (not on the Hauraki Rail Trail), following the Government’s recommended hygiene guidelines.


Here’s our top tips to help you protect yourself and others in the current environment:

If you can, ride inside on a trainer or Exercycle

If outside ride solo or in your bubble

Ride from home. Don’t drive to ride.

Don’t ride if you or your family are unwell

Ride short and local to take the pressure off emergency services

Tell someone your plans

Wave to other cyclists from a distance so as not to break your bubble

Behave as if have COVID-19 (Jacinda’s words, not ours)

Avoid touching gates, handrails, fences, benches and picnic tables. The virus can remain on surfaces for three days

Avoid using public toilets 

Don’t touch your face while riding

Wash your hands and disinfect your bike when you get home

Show the community you care so we can continue to get fresh air and stay active


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Give something a go and Share it to our Facebook Page or Instagram.  We're all in a Bubble, and we're in this together.  


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