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5 Reasons to Stay In The Saddle Over Winter

Temperatures are taking a bit of a nose dive, and some mountains across New Zealand have a dusting of snow.  Eventually the days close in, and while winter in The Coromandel feels relatively short, it has its own charm.

The Hauraki / Coromandel region doesn’t have very distinct seasons.  With its lengthy coastline it enjoys a subtropical climate, with year-round moderate temperatures.  This makes it an excellent destination for those wishing to experience and explore the untouched beauty.

With Winter just around the corner, our motivation might be lurking beneath a warm blanket by the fire.  It’s a time of year most of us need a little persuasion to notch up an adventure or two over the chilly months. There are however plenty of reasons not to put your bike out to pasture over winter.


1 Build Resilience

Riding through winter enables us to maintain and build fitness.  It’s also an ideal time to focus on your base training.  Given the extra layers and gear you need to carry, you’ll get stronger, building muscular endurance in the process.  Just try not to wear yourself out for spring.


2 Push your boundaries

Hitting the trails when it’s cold makes you determined, focused and tougher.  Braving the elements while others hunker down encourages our mental and physical strength.  Then, when it’s just a little cool and drizzling come spring, you’ll be happy in the saddle while your friends are still finding excuses.


3 Increase your metabolism

Winter means mastering the art of layers.  It might be chilly outside, but you’re going to get hot.  Wrap up knowing you can strip off.  When temperatures fall our metabolism increases to keep us warm.  So if you’re cooler, you’ll burn more calories whilst riding.


4 Escape winter bugs

Research shows regular exercisers are 50% less likely to succumb to winter ills as their slipper snuggling peers.  Moreover you’re less likely to suffer from the winter blues when you regularly exercise outdoors.


5 Find peace and solitude

Busy summer season trails are now blissfully quieter making the weekend feel like a weekday.  Make the most of some time to yourself.  Peace and quiet gives us time to think, allowing us to process our worries and leave them behind.


Now we’ve convinced you to keep your seat warm, there’s no better wintery adventure than the Hauraki Rail Trail.  Following the historic railway corridor, the trail whistles through the Karangahake Gorge to Waihi.  Steams from Paeroa to Te Aroha, chugs on up to Thames, making tracks from Pukorokoro-Miranda to Thames along the Seabird Coast.

Divided into 5 predominantly gentle sections, the Grade 1 (Easiest) 197km Trail can be ridden across 4-5 days.  With multiple access points and shuttle services on the trail, it’s easy to tailor rides to suit all abilities.

There are short leisurely rides, allowing for sight-seeing and relaxation along the way.  Happy middle ground rides, with time to enjoy the trail without busting a gut.  And finally a head down pedals cranking ride, suited to experienced cyclists with a deadline.

Cycling provides an unforgettable way to soak up breathtaking scenery and reach famous natural landmarks, cultural sites, historical settlements, and other hidden gems.  So why wait for Spring when there’s so much to explore over Winter?

Our Official Partners make riding the trail more accessible and manageable for solo riders, groups and families alike.  You can find everything you need from cycle hire, bike repairs, guided and self-guided tours, transport, luggage transfers, accommodation, cafes, restaurants, to cool things to see and do along the way.


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