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Shuttle Service In Place During Owharoa Bridge Closure

The Owharoa Bridge at Waitawheta Road is to close whilst urgent repairs are undertaken.  The period of closure is from 20 May - 10 June 2019.

The closure of the bridge affects riders wanting to travel between Waihi/Waikino to Karangahake.  Riders will still be able to access Victoria Battery/Falls Retreat and Owharoa Falls from the Waikino/Waihi side of the trail. 

Riders wanting to ride the tunnel section from Paeroa, or Karangahake will not be able to cross the bridge to reach the Owharoa Falls. 


Shuttle Service 

We have received enquiries as to whether riders can take the Gorge road from Owharoa heading north, and get back onto the trail at the tunnel exit bridge.

In light of the bridge closure, and inherent danger of riders wanting to use the roading network which is extremely dangerous in this 5km zone, we have organised a shuttle service between the points as follows:

Shuttle operating Saturdays and Sundays -  25/26 May and the following weekend if work has not finished.  The shuttle will run from 10.00am to 3.30pm.

Depart on the hour from Karangahake Hall from 10.00am

Depart on the half hour from Owharoa Falls from 10.30am

Last Shuttle 3.30pm from Owharoa Falls


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