The Pink Shop - Kaiaua

999 East Coast Road, Kaiaua 2473

027 277 2582


The Pink Shop - Kaiaua is iconic and unforgettable. If you've not visited yet, you'll have spotted the hospitable gem on television. Located in Kaiaua at the Trail Head, right on the Hauraki Rail Trail, the store offers a multitude of convenience and deliciousness under it's one tiny roof.

Situated across from the beach and within the vicinity of the freedom camping area, the store supplies all the daily essentials, including milk, bread, fruit, vegetables, drinks and newspapers. Visitors can enjoy good coffee and a wide selection of food on the run, from hamburgers to toasties, hot chips, packaged sandwiches, pizzas, hot pies and homemade cakes. 

For the kids (and big kids) there's a great selection of ice creams, ice blocks, confectionary and an assortment of cold drinks. 

Other general grocery items are available, and you can even buy a second hand book to read on your travels.

The Pink Shop is an NZ Post agency for Kaiaua and is open from Saturday to Thursday 5.00 am until 5.00 pm (Closed Fridays until Christmas 2021)