Bugger Cafe - Pipiroa

1492 State Highway 25, Pipiroa

021 109 1290


Dont miss out on the Bugger Cafe, for delicious food and awesome service from friendly staff.

The Bugger Cafe is just 50 metres from the Pipiroa Bridge and the Hauraki Cycle Trail.  The perfect stop on your journey!

It goes without saying that the food at BUGGER is good. The team in the kitchen are always rustling up treats that fit with our core food beliefs are that Bugger food should be fresh, succulent, seasonal and local – wherever this is possible . Obviously there are  no local bananas or dates but we totally support NZ grown and preferably stuff that is sourced as close as possible.  

We cater for breakfasts,  morning and afternoon teas,  lunches, snacks and drinks for the slightly peckish to the totally famished – you will find something to whet your appetite.

We love both  traditional and the ‘out-there’ sort of food – we do awesome,  delicious and  scrummy. 

We  do kid-friendly, healthy – friendly, not-so-healthy-treat friendly  and gluten-friendly .  If you are into Paleo food you will also find a good selection.

We use Altura coffee which has a wonderful  full bodied and rich flavour. All our staff have undergone, or are undergoing, barista training courses to ensure consistency in what  we serve you.

Altura make a mean brew – in fact the bean we use was a SUPREME and GOLD winner in the Huhtamaki New Zealand Coffee Awards 2015- 2016… so we are onto it and only use the best!

We know getting it right with coffee is absolutely essential!

Feedback from customers is really positive and we welcome you telling us how you find the coffee. With a whole team of new staff this is an area we are really watching as we establish ourselves as being the ‘best’ we can be.


Our teas are amazingly good too. We stock Tea Drop tea and any tea connoisseur will know these make an awesome brew. Whether you want a great English Breakfast brew or want to branch out to try the range of herbal teas on offer – one thing is for sure, you’ll totally love the choice.

English Breakfast
Lavender Grey – a variant of Earl Grey which is just stunning
Green Tea with Melon – absolutely to die for, this is Green Tea as you may never have had it.
Lemongrass and Ginger – refreshing and subtle
Cleopatra’s Camomile – made from the best Camomile from Egypt.. mmm…
Chai – spicy and aromatic
Fruits of Eden – a wonderful mix of red berries
Peppermint – very light and fresh

We have samples on display so you can experience  the aroma and work out what best suits your mood!